We Seek to Empower Providers to Expedite Access to Care

We are developing products that enable providers to reliably identify behavioral health conditions earlier and expedite access to treatments years earlier than today’s standard of care.


There are gaps in pediatric behavioral health.

Cognoa is striving to develop solutions to address these gaps. 

Cognoa Will Help Providers Fill Voids in Care,
Starting with Autism.

We are developing digital diagnostics and therapeutics:


Clinically Validated

Validated through multiple robust clinical studies.

Patient Engagement

Foster trust and communication between caregivers and primary care providers.

Prescription Products

Intended to be ordered, dispensed, and paid for via existing healthcare infrastructures.

Our Lead Products

first digital diagnostic


The First Digital
Diagnosis Aid for Autism

We conduct clinical studies to validate the performance of our devices. Cognoa’s Autism diagnosis aid will help primary care providers to diagnose autism in children between the ages of 18 and 72 months of age.

How It Works


Digital Therapeutic

Designed for use at home with parents and used in conjunction with existing therapies, Cognoa’s ASD therapeutic is intended to help improve social-emotional reciprocity in children diagnosed with autism.

Cognoa’s ASD digital therapeutic is currently in design and development.

digital therapeutic product

Cognoa is developing products that are intended to be prescribed by providers and covered by insurers within the existing healthcare infrastructure.

Join us in advancing the standard of care.