Leading the Way for Pediatric Behavioral Health​

We are developing digital diagnostic and therapeutic products with the goal of enabling earlier and more equitable care for behavioral health conditions.

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Now Available: Canvas Dx (Rx only)

Developing Digital Diagnostic and Therapeutic Products for Behavioral Health

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We are designing digital products that may enable providers to diagnose behavioral health conditions earlier, starting with autism.



We seek to support parents and caregivers
to act on early concerns about their child’s development.




Join our diverse team with opportunities spanning product, engineering, data science,
and clinical.


Publications in peer reviewed journals

FDA Breakthrough Designation Products

Cognoa has received Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA for both its lead products, a digital diagnosis aid and therapeutic for autism. 

Early Intervention Lasts a Lifetime

Autism diagnosis and intervention during the critical early neurodevelopmental period improves lifelong outcomes for children with autism.1-3 Early intervention within the neurodevelopmental window can yield significant improvements in behavioral, social, emotional, and cognitive functioning among individuals living with autism.¹
early-intervention pediatrics
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We are committed to developing products for earlier diagnosis and treatment.