Leading the way for pediatric behavioral health.

We are developing digital diagnostics and therapeutics to enable earlier treatment of behavioral health conditions.

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Behavioral Health Platform for Earlier Detection, Diagnosis, and Care

Our proprietary machine-learning platform provides for a continuum of care from identification and diagnostic aid to digital therapeutics, to improve lifelong outcomes for children.

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Take action on concerns to identify and treat behavioral health conditions earlier with prescription medical devices that easily integrate into your workflow.



Empower employees to positively impact the behavioral health and unique developmental growth of their children.

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Learn about the importance of early identification and care.

Publications in peer reviewed journals

FDA Breakthrough designation products

Cognoa has received Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA for both its lead products, a digital diagnostic and therapeutic for autism. 

Early Intervention Lasts a Lifetime

When children have access to treatments during early childhood, they have the best opportunity to reach their full potential in life. When they don’t, treatments are likely to be less impactful, children and families suffer, and it’s more costly for our healthcare system and communities.

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It’s our privilege to ensure that Cognoa’s prescription digital medicines are available to every physician, so that any child can get access earlier when those innovations have the greatest impact. The commercial model for digital medicine will be efficient, effective and valuable to payers, providers and most importantly, for the patients and caregivers who need them.



We see a real value in that we’re getting people focused on the job more, empowering them to be the best parents they can be. It’s really driving home what it means to be a parent in the workplace and why it’s OK to be a parent on the job.

Jason Russell, SAP

It is a wonderful tool for tracking my son’s development and provides great activities for furthering his growth. The assessments are comforting and I know that if red flags were to arise, I would be right on it and ready to act!

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Fast and easy to use. Provides good information and has great suggestions and ideas.

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We are committed to developing products for earlier diagnosis and treatment.