For Clinicians

We know that when there is early concern, every moment counts.

But too many children are diagnosed long after they have outgrown the critical early neurodevelopmental window when interventions have the greatest life-changing impact.

Our breakthrough diagnostic technology allows you to more definitively understand your kids’ developmental picture, so you can take earlier action to better support them.


Introducing Canvas Dx, the first and only FDA authorized diagnostic that equips more clinicians to rapidly and accurately diagnose or rule out autism in children ages 1.5 to 6 years, better plan for next steps, and unlock services.

High Accuracy
Clinically proven, rigorously trained & tested, and peer-reviewed, Canvas Dx generates a highly accurate diagnostic prediction for confident clinical decision making.
Actionable Insights for Every Child
A detailed report identifies developmental strengths and concerns, so you can make informed decisions for all children – with and without autism, and those needing further assessment.
Fully Remote Experience for Families
No in-person visits required. Reach your patient families where they are. Designed for both primary and secondary care settings alike.
Easy to Use
Families download a simple app on their smartphone. You are equipped with an intuitive, resourceful web portal. No special training nor certification required.
Expert Support
A dedicated care team supports you and your patient families, from activation to documentation to unlock services with reimbursement from healthcare insurers.
Fast, Automated Documentation
Canvas Dx automatically maps concerns to DSM-5 compatible criteria for autism diagnosis. Save time with built in diagnostic report creation for fast documentation required for services and reimbursement.
Equitable Diagnoses
Trained on diverse data from thousands of children at risk for and with developmental delays including autism, Canvas Dx supports objective, equitable evaluation of children of different racial/ethnic backgrounds, across genders, socio-economic status, and geography.

Canvas Dx is now reimbursed by Highmark commercial plans

I want to use Canvas Dx at my patients’ next well check visits, before autism goes unnoticed:

See how Canvas Dx works

“Now we finally have the opportunity to streamline the diagnostic journey, freeing up specialists to focus on children with complex presentations, so that families with developmental concern for their children can receive the care they need sooner.”

– Dr. Tom Megerian, Medical Director of the Thompson Autism Center at Children’s Health of Orange County

“Digital diagnostics and therapeutics hold immense potential to bridge the gaps in developmental and behavioral pediatrics, enabling equitable healthcare for all children, regardless of geographical location or limitations in local healthcare resources. By harnessing the power of technology, Cognoa provides the tools to overcome barriers, expand access, and deliver personalized care, ultimately ensuring that every child receives the support they need to thrive.”

– Dr. Natalie Pageler, Chief Medical Information Officer & Clinical Professor of Pediatric Critical Care, Stanford University School of Medicine

“The wait lists are so long that my patients can’t even get on the waitlist to be seen! With Canvas Dx, I evaluated siblings and got answers immediately. I was able to make an autism diagnosis and begin therapies right away for an 18-month old and I could rule out autism in the older sibling and begin the correct services they needed without the wait. Canvas Dx is a wonderful resource that we have needed for a long time.”

– Connie Bartlett, DO, Vice President of Providence St. Jude and St. Joseph Heritage Medical Group

Know more sooner, so you can act earlier.

Now, your first action when there is early developmental concern can be diagnosis. Canvas Dx is the crucial first step to understand and meet your patients’ needs, so kids can flourish and live their most fulfilling lives.

I want to bring Canvas Dx to my practice.