Help children with delays get early interventions sooner with Canvas Dx

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Canvas Dx is an FDA authorized digital diagnostic that equips you to rapidly and accurately evaluate children with developmental delay, diagnose or rule out autism, and activate the right next steps for each child.

  • Available now and requires no prior authorization
  • For all children ages 18 months to 6 years with developmental concern
  • Fast and easy to administer with a doctor-tested and approved interface
  • Makes informed decisions with a personalized report detailing each child’s developmental strengths & challenges and auto-mapping to DSM-5 criteria
  • Saves time through auto-generated diagnostic report that produces documentation needed to activate care

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Our dedicated Quickstart team works hand-in-hand with you and your practice every step of the way to ensure success for you and your families.

  • Live product tutorial
  • Customized clinical workflow recommendations
  • Review of the best practices and resource library
  • Review of case studies from experienced pediatric developmental & behavioral health physicians with real-world Canvas Dx success
  • Highmark coding and reimbursement instructions

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Why Canvas Dx?

Be a solution for children and their families stuck on waitlists that are preventing them from receiving life-changing early interventions and services

Expand and differentiate your practice: you are a leader & innovator who is at the forefront of healthy, responsive child development

You are child-centric: spend more time with your patients and less time documenting

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Know now. Act sooner.

Because knowing is the earliest intervention.