Cognoa seeks to empower parents to positively impact their child’s development

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Our Current Healthcare System Does Not Meet the Needs of Children.

Years can pass between when a child first shows symptoms of a condition and when it is diagnosed and treated, which has major consequences for the child and their family.

Cognoa is Advancing the Standard of Care

We are developing digital therapeutics and diagnostic tools to enable more children to get the right care when it matters most. By identifying delays or behavioral health conditions two to three years earlier than the current standard of care, we can help children get treatments within the critical early intervention windows.

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Cognoa supports parents during the critical early childhood years by:


Enabling them to act on early concerns

Parents typically detect developmental delays or behavioral health conditions long before their doctors


Actively Engaging

Actively participating in both the diagnostic and therapeutic process


Improving Communication

Opening a dialogue with their trusted family doctor

Cognoa's Upcoming Products

Cognoa’s lead products in development include a digital diagnostic and a digital therapeutic for autism. The autism diagnostic has been submitted to the FDA for review and approval.

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Cognoa is developing products for the earlier identification and treatment of behavioral health conditions starting with autism. Sign up to receive updates. 

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Early Intervention Can Change a Child’s Life.

Research shows that early interventions can change a child’s developmental path and improve lifelong outcomes. It can mean some children with behavioral conditions can attend mainstream schools, or even lose a diagnosis altogether.

What Parents are Saying

It is a wonderful tool for tracking my son’s development and provides great activities for furthering his growth. The assessments are comforting and I know that if red flags were to arise, I would be right on it and ready to act!

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Fast and easy to use. Provides good information and has great suggestions and ideas.

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