Cognoa and Health Transformation Alliance Partner to Provide Access to Child Health Solution Canvas Dx for Self-Insured Employers

Cognoa and Health Transformation Alliance Partner to Provide Access to Child Health Solution Canvas Dx for Self-Insured Employers

Nearly 60 of America’s leading employers will now be able to offer their employees with children access to Canvas Dx™, the first FDA-authorized diagnostic device for autism in young children

[Palo Alto, Calif. – February 16, 2023] – Health Transformation Alliance (HTA), a cooperative of nearly 60 of America’s largest employers, has partnered with Cognoa, a pediatric behavioral health company, to offer the company’s Canvas Dx diagnostic device for autism to all HTA Member organizations and their employees. HTA will offer its member organizations – some of the most influential and significant brands in the U.S. – the opportunity to add Canvas Dx to their benefit design.

This partnership comes at an ideal time when the pandemic has exacerbated long-standing gaps in pediatric behavioral and developmental healthcare. As the first FDA authorized diagnostic device of any kind for autism, the goal of Canvas Dx is to alleviate wait times for specialists and streamline the arduous journey for families seeking answers by giving more healthcare providers the ability to diagnose or rule out autism in children ages 18 to 72 months who are at risk for developmental delay.

“The pediatric behavioral and mental health crisis continues to grow, and health equity issues create even greater barriers for some families,” said Mallory Huff, HTA’s Vice President of Strategic Product Development. “Leading employers recognize the struggles and multi-year delays families face when concerned for their child’s development and searching for answers from healthcare providers. There are significant clinical and financial costs for these delays, impacting both families and employers. With Canvas Dx, parents have a clear path to answers and are empowered instead of burdened with stress and uncertainty.”

AI-powered Canvas Dx enables mobile, accurate, and efficient action on developmental concerns during early childhood within primary care, thereby accelerating time to diagnosis and initiation of appropriate care. With this cutting-edge medical benefit, employers can curb the costly impacts of the child healthcare crisis for families and the workplace, and their employees can benefit from timely care of their developing children.

“How we identify developmental and behavioral conditions in children has not improved in decades, even as we are seeing greater diagnostic and care shortages,” said Dr. Sharief Taraman, CEO of Cognoa. “This partnership marks a significant milestone for Cognoa as we now have a direct channel that encourages employers to act now to support their employees’ ability to care for their children, and for themselves. We are proud to partner with HTA and their Member organizations who are committed to transforming early childhood healthcare through innovative and accessible solutions that impact the lifetime trajectory of children and the whole family.”

In the U.S., as many as 25% of children are at risk for a developmental delay, and autism is estimated to affect 1 in 44 children. Autism can be reliably diagnosed in children as young as 18 months, yet the average age of diagnosis has remained stagnant for decades at over 4 years of age. Non-white children, females, and those from rural areas or disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds are often diagnosed even later or missed altogether. Research shows that early interventions, particularly before the age of three, during a critical early neurodevelopmental period, can improve lifelong outcomes for children. All-cause medical costs are approximately double for children who experience a longer time to diagnosis compared with a shorter time to diagnosis.

About Cognoa

Cognoa is a pediatric behavioral health company developing AI-based technologies to enable early and equitable diagnosis and care for children living with developmental and behavioral health conditions. Cognoa’s lead product, Canvas Dx, is the first FDA authorized diagnostic device for autism. Its multidimensional, algorithm-based technology supports healthcare providers’ early, accurate diagnosis of autism and can be used in the primary care and home settings. Cognoa’s portfolio covers a broad pipeline of diagnostic and therapeutic products for autism, speech and language, ADHD, and childhood anxiety. For more information, visit

Canvas Dx Indication for Use

Canvas Dx is intended for use by healthcare providers as an aid in the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) for patients ages 18 months through 72 months who are at risk for developmental delay based on concerns of a parent, caregiver, or healthcare provider. The device is not intended for use as a stand-alone diagnostic device but as an adjunct to the diagnostic process. The device is for prescription use only. For full indications for use, precautions, warnings, and contraindications, visit

About Health Transformation Alliance

The Health Transformation Alliance (HTA) is a cooperative of nearly 60 of America’s leading employers that have come together to fix our broken healthcare system. With responsibility for more than 4 million lives in the United States and a collective annual health care spend of $27 billion, the member companies of the HTA have combined their resources, knowledge, and experience to transform the way healthcare is delivered. To that end, the HTA has developed value-driven solutions in data and analytics, pharmacy, medical and consumer engagement specifically designed to improve patient care and economic value. To learn more, visit

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