Early interventions have the greatest impact.

Yet most children with developmental conditions aren’t even diagnosed until after 4 years old. Many underserved children are missed altogether.

We make life-changing early diagnosis and interventions possible with breakthrough innovations that save time, optimize resources, and positively impact the lives of children and families.

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Act early on developmental concern


Early, Rapid, Equitable Diagnosis of Autism

Canvas Dx is the first and only FDA authorized diagnostic solution designed to equip clinicians to diagnose or rule out autism in children ages 1.5 to 6 years – within days, not months or years. 

Remote, digital evaluation of children with developmental concerns overcomes long distances to scarce, oversubscribed specialty centers

Faster path to next steps for all children – with and without autism, and those needing further evaluation 

Objective, data-driven approach alleviates prevalent biases in diagnoses 

Canvas Dx is now reimbursed by Highmark

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Why it matters

The status quo for diagnosis is slow, complicated, and expensive. Delays stack up, while children are missing out on timely care.
Read more about the waitlist crisis.

3 year delay in diagnosis

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Autism can be reliably diagnosed as early as age 18 months. Most children are only diagnosed after age 4.

Costly delays

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Late diagnosis costs the healthcare system 2.5x than a shorter path to diagnosis.


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Girls are diagnosed 1.5 years later than boys. Underserved, minority children are often missed altogether.

Data changes lives.

Medicine is in an era of intelligent technology, but there have been almost no advancements in child developmental health. We are determined to change that. 

With our whole-child approach and responsible AI, we fortify the diagnosis of developmental concerns at the earliest and most opportune times. Our approach delivers an informed, rapid, and universally accessible path to care that saves precious time and gives children and their families the power of knowledge and the ability to realize their most fulfilling lives. 


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