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  • Canvas Dx Guide for Families
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  • Caregiver video tips: best practices for recording your child’s natural behavior
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“In The Know” Podcast

Conversations with top experts sharing information, education, and their experiences; helpful for clinicians and for sharing with parents/families.

Resources to Share with Families

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  • Autism Society: a national organization with local chapters that provides information and advocacy opportunities.
  • Autism Speaks: a national organization that provides information to people with autism and their families, clinicians and educators; scroll to Providers & Information for useful tools.
  • Autism Navigator: a web-based tool built to help families and professionals learn more about autism and next steps.
  • Social Stories: designed to explain social situations to autistic children and help them learn ways of behaving in these situations. From Boston Medical Center Autism Friendly Initiative – available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean.
  • Understood: includes resources on ADHD, dyslexia and anxiety.
  • ATN/AIR-P Strategies to Improve Sleep in Children with Autism: written and video resources designed to provide parents with strategies to improve sleep.
  • ATN/AIR-P Guide to Exploring Feeding Behavior in Autism: a tool kit to help parents better understand feeding issues in children with autism.
  • Autism Speaks Guide to Individual Education Plan: advocacy tools for parents to make sure their child is receiving the best possible education tailored to their unique strengths and challenges. Includes a video series featuring a renowned attorney, school psychologist and speech pathologist answering frequently asked questions.
  • On-Time Autism Intervention Podcast: a podcast series for parents of children three and younger who are interested in information about autism, autism diagnosis, and autism intervention and resources for young children.
  • Skills training for families: a five-part package developed by WHO to support skills training for families of children with developmental delays or disabilities.

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