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Cognoa is dedicated to creating an unparalleled standard of care in pediatric behavioral health that ensures equitable access to early intervention by delivering high quality products to improve lifelong outcomes for all children and families.

We are committed to nurturing and sustaining our practices of diversity, integrity and inclusion - embedding these values into our culture and products - to drive health equity in the areas we treat, for the families, healthcare community and employees we serve.

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*1 in 5 children in the U.S. is affected by a
diagnosable behavioral health disorder.
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*Only 21 % of affected children actually
receive needed treatment.

*Source: https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/123/4/1248#targetText=Although%20almost%201%20in%205,of%20affected%20children%20receive%20treatment.&targetText=Furthermore%2C%20data%20from%20a%20number,health%20services%20is%20cost-effective

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We are addressing the biggest unmet need in pediatric behavioral health: early intervention.

Research shows that early intervention can change the life of a child. However, years can pass from the time parents first express a concern and a diagnosis. Even when a diagnosis is received, cost and availability of therapy can create further barriers to treatment.

Cognoa is working toward a future where:

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Early Diagnosis

All children can have access to early diagnosis and treatments, within the early intervention window.

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Increase Provider Efficiency

Providers can act on parental concerns early, readily identify behavioral conditions, expedite a diagnosis, and prescribe treatments that families can use immediately.

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Empower Parents

Parents are better equipped to positively impact the unique developmental health and progress of their children.

Cognoa is committed to

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Continuously demonstrating efficacy of our technologies with robust clinical data.

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Obtaining regulatory clearance for our prescription digital medicines.

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Partnering with providers and payers to ensure our solutions improve outcomes, increase efficiency, and are cost-effective.

*Source AAP

Earlier diagnosis and more
effective treatments.