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Cognoa is a pediatric behavioral health company developing digital diagnostic and therapeutic products with the goals of enabling earlier and more equitable access to care and improving the lives and outcomes of children and families living with behavioral health conditions, starting with autism.

As many as 1 in 10 children have a mental, behavioral, or learning problem that interferes with their ability to function effectively in school or the community.¹

 1. Kutash K, et al. Beyond Behavior. 2015;24(2): 4-13.

Cognoa imagines a future where:

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Early Diagnosis

More children have access to early diagnosis and interventions within a critical, early neurodevelopmental window.

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Streamlined Pathway to Care

Providers are equipped to act on early caregiver concerns, reliably identify behavioral conditions, expedite a diagnosis, and direct appropriate next steps in care.

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Supported Parents

Caregivers are themselves supported and better equipped to positively impact the unique developmental progress of their children.

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We seek to improve the ASD diagnosis and treatment pathway for children, caregivers, and the healthcare community.

Early initiation of evidence-based ASD interventions during a key window of neurodevelopment leads to substantially improved long-term outcomes1. However, years can pass from the time parents first express a concern and when their child receives a diagnosis2.
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Cognoa is committed to:

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Appropriately demonstrating efficacy of our technologies with clinical data.

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Continuous Learning & Innovation

Understanding unmet behavioral health needs of children and families and developing tech-based approaches to help meet them.

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Finding Efficiencies

Partnering with the payor and healthcare communities to increase efficiencies and cost-effectiveness.

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