A Proactive Approach to Behavioral Healthcare

We believe the most sustainable approach for reducing the severity of behavioral health conditions, associated illnesses, and workplace costs, is parental empowerment during early childhood.


Fill a void in care and support for parent employees and their children.

Cognoa offers a unique clinical grade solution that empowers parents to assess, track, and positively impact the developmental progress of their unique children – during the years that matter most.

The Early Childhood
Years Are Critical

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These years are the most formative in a child’s development,
setting the foundation for lifelong behavioral health. They can also
be the most stressful for your employees.

Evidence-based Resources

A developmental assessment and personalized activities that support every child’s unique development

Expert Advice for Parenting Challenges

Access to child development specialists and answers to common questions

Clinically Validated Screener

Identifies risk for developmental delays starting at age12 months

Care Guidance

For those who need it, assistance in receiving an expedited diagnosis

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podcast for employees

Company-Wide Educational Programs

Relevant to all employees, Cognoa webinars, podcasts, and other programming destigmatizes the challenges of working caregivers and trains co-workers on how to best support them.

What Parents are Saying

Parenting is a defining moment for employees. Anyone who becomes a parent knows it’s life-changing. So we think about, as an employer, how we help them become better parents and better employees.

Jason Russell, SAP

Director of North America total rewards at SAP America

We see a real value in that we’re getting people focused on the job more, empowering them to be the best parents they can be. It’s really driving home what it means to be a parent in the workplace and why it’s OK to be a parent on the job.

Jason Russell, SAP

Support parent employees when
it matters most.